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How do you ensure the best tenant selection for my property?

At Achieve, we harbour the most rigorous screening routine to guarantee the best tenant selection for your property. The process begins by running a credit check to ensure positive credit worthiness. Then, we take a look at their criminal record to ensure only the cleanest of candidates makes it through. Any form of criminal record automatically disqualifies a prospective tenant on those grounds alone. In the latter stages, we inspect their employability and income, previous landlord references, as well as a detailed interview at the concluding stage. This comprehensive screening process ensures you only receive the best tenants for your investment. It’s also worth noting that we, at Achieve, adhere to all anti-discrimination legislation, protecting you from the liability of such issues.

How can you guarantee that my property will be looked after upon renting?

First and foremost, our meticulous screening process protects against the risk of such unscrupulous tenants reaching your property in the first place.

However, during the term of lease, additional checks for maintenance will be made. For instance, we organise scheduled maintenance checks throughout the year to check for any major faults but also to look out for potential problems that could arise in the future. This prophylactic approach protects your property as well as acting as an appropriate inspection into the behaviour of the tenant themselves.

This entire process should appeal to you if you’re concerned about maintenance, repair and the behaviour of the tenant.

How do you plan on marketing my property?

At Achieve, we only use the most professional marketing techniques to sell your investment to its maximum potential.

In the first instance, we’ve expertly organised our tenant screen process to guarantee the best tenant possible. Furthermore, we employ the best marketing materials in the most efficient locations, completing all the required research to make these moves. The specialist photography and video portrayal will advertise your property in the finest available light, ensuring a consistent and targeted interest that suits the needs of your particular property portfolio. This consistent advertising is achieved through the use of professionally designed advertising materials, rental websites, print publications such as fliers, as well as use of MLS listings.

The combined effect from this exhaustive marketing campaign means you receive the best quality marketing and advertising required to meet your needs.