Property Management

The success of your business starts with your tenants. Modern Property Management knows that renting to top quality tenants results in reduced turnover, longer term leases, timely rent payments, and fewer complaints. We make it easy for interested prospects to submit their applications online or in person. Our thorough screening process includes a personal interview, credit and background checks, income verification, and referrals from previous residencies. We follow all anit-discrimination laws. Our leases are carefully worded to protect you from liability issue and explicitly state the rules for renters. To maintain good tenant relations, we promptly respond to their questions and concerns, and offer emergency services for assistance 24/7.

The proper maintenance of your physical assets is crucial in order to maintain or improve your investment’s value. We have developed maintenance systems that are guaranteed to keep your physical assets in top condition. Our scheduled maintenance programs provide inspections for your building exteriors and interiors, grounds, building mechanicals, grounds care, and special considerations such as recreational or retail areas.

For landlords who do not want to manage the day-to-day activities of their real estate investments, our company provides complete business operation services. We can manage your accounts payable and receivable; collect monthly rents and fees; properly maintain and store all required documents; prepare income/expense projections; advise you on tax options; and prepare complete financial reporting on every aspect of your business.